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I now know that they ignored medical advice and put on a flexible plaster so that I could go straight back into training. I was even grateful… a special plaster, from the west, just for me! Katharina's shoulder was the main source of pain. Because of the Moscow Olympics, an operation was postponed. Post Olympics, early s, ready to reach her peak, she was rushed into hospital.

The damage to her shoulder was so acute that a bone was taken from her back and grafted in, as well as a prosthesis, a metal plate. Now useless she was dropped from the team.

It was a normal pattern, confirms Dr. The GDR won many junior championships but didn't do so well with their seniors. Usually athletes start at 16 and reach their peak at In East Germany, by the age of , they were used up — physically and mentally destroyed.

Addicted to the drugs that she had been given, Katharina couldn't cope without them. In the first months I gained 20 kilos, then lost I had been told what to do every day of my life to the point of being told who to clap for in international games.

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I didn't know how to function. It was only this January, 10 years after overcoming her addictions, six years after hearing that doping existed for the first time that she managed to see 90 pages of her surviving notes. The level of deceit by her trainers, her surrogate parents, was revealed. Birgit knows the pain of deception first hand. As a promising shot-putter, Birgit was doped from age Two and a half years later an injury stopped her career — and her doping. It was already too late. At 24 her sexual organs were like those of an year-old.

Despite increasing health problems she later became pregnant. When her sickly son was born with 41percent lung capacity a doctor suspected doping. How could anyone do that? Damaging children in her care… and their children. It was too awful to believe. Yes, I am. Not only that, there may be a genetic link between these extreme heroes and those least expected to act heroically—the Sociopath.

This person is called the Extreme Altruist, or X-Altruist. A hero is someone who goes out of their way to help others at the expense of their own safety and well-being. This could mean getting fired from a job, arrested, injured, or even facing death. More than just an altruist , who has selfless concern for the welfare of others, a hero takes action—usually bold action. Right now I prefer to use the term "Extreme Altruist", or X-Altruist , rather than "Hero", because a person can rate very high on a scale of altruism without ever engaging in a heroic act; I am speaking here of the personality type , not necessarily the actions committed by the person.

The X-Altruist is the most extreme type of hero; the one who takes the highest risks, with a lot to lose, putting their safety and welfare on the line—and does it time and time again.


To an X-Altruist, heroism is a way of life, a daily state of being, a temperament. Looking at mythology, Prometheus is the ultimate X-Altruist—stealing fire from the all-powerful Zeus to give to mankind—a true act of rebellious heroism that earned him a lifetime of torture: chained to a rock as an eagle repeatedly ate his liver over and over, for all of eternity. It takes a certain kind of fearlessness, driven sense of purpose, and unnaturally high empathy for the plight of others to live your life this way—and do it without hesitation.

A few years ago, I wrote an article titled, " Addicted to Being Good? In theory, their genetic make-up is very similar—same basic group of extreme traits in each personality—with a few important exceptions, one being expressed empathy. This notion was hinted at in by Behavior Geneticist David Thoreson Lykken [1] in his book, The Antisocial Personalities , when he said, "the hero and the psychopath may be twigs on the same genetic branch.

The difference between the sibling with X-Altruism and the one with Sociopathy could come down to the presence or absence of a few crucial regulatory mechanisms that affect expressed empathy. Lykken claimed that the ability to feel and express empathy was the main feature that defined psychopaths from heroes. He defines a psychopath as different from a sociopath, in the sense that psychopaths are born with a "defect" that disallows them to feel empathy, and sociopaths are a product of ill-rearing or a result of extreme negative trauma.

Essentially, Lykken claims one is genetic psychopathy and one is primarily the result of environmental experience sociopathy , but they are both under the umbrella of Antisocial Personality Disorder. The point is this: there is more than one path to the dark side of morality, resulting in the manifestation of an Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Meaning, empathy can be taught to some degree. The amount of change that can be made to the empathy circuit is more individually determined and based on specific circumstances, but movement in the proper direction is possible. Can heroes "turn evil"? How can we ensure we raise as many heroes and as few villains as possible from childhood? Are the genetic factors changeable? The two basic personality types, the Sociopath and the X-Altruist, appear very similar when you look at the individual traits, but with some important exceptions:.

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The ego is basically your sense of self. It is your identity, your self-concept, your reality check. While the expression or lack of empathy is seen as the defining feature that separates the X-Altruist from the Sociopath, there are other underlying traits that majorly affect the ability, willingness, or tendency to express empathy, and these are markedly different in X-Altruists as compared to Sociopaths.

These are: the ability to engage in Flexible Detachment from emotion or stress, and possessing high Ego Resilience. Flexible Detachment enables the X-Altruist to buffer their ego from intense emotional damage during times of crisis, and high Ego Resilience helps them repair and rebound quickly in the event damage does occur. The Sociopath lacks these two superpowers, which makes all the difference in the world when you are making a distinction between those who strive for the promotion of good or evil, or their ability to do so effectively.

Why are they so important? Favours and good offices easily engage their friendship; while the smallest injury provokes their resentment. Any honour or mark of distinction elevates them above measure; but they are as sensibly touched with contempt.

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People of this character have, no doubt, more lively enjoyments, as well as more pungent sorrows, than men of cool and sedate tempers. Reading this passage by David Hume , written back in , one can imagine he might have been describing the emotional sensitivities of Bipolar Disorder , characterized by displays of mania elevated or irritable mood alternating with periods of depression. However, Hume could also have been describing the temperament of the X-Altruist.

To experience such extreme highs and lows is seen as a bad thing—it can be exhausting, or at least mentally taxing to live this way, with no control over how or why, or at what level these feelings come and go. But what if you had the ability to experience all that intensity , the pushing and pulling of joy, motivation, sorrow, elation— but had the ability to control it?

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Maybe even ideally functional. This is what we see with the X-Altruist. On the contrary, their behaviors are reasonably controlled on a day-to-day basis, but the deep emotions they feel and the drive compared to the mania-like feeling to act is quite intense.

The intentions of the X-Altruist may not always seem to be heroic to the outside observer; they may appear to be a person bucking the system out of stubbornness, selfishness, or greed. They are driven to act with a self-less purpose, fueled by their abnormally high empathy, striving to "do the right thing". But I must also mention that the terms "right" and "wrong" are to be taken in the context of the action.

The right moral action may not be following the law, which is where the rule-breaking tendency comes in. The X-Altruist is totally fine with breaking rules, as long as the purpose serves the greater social good. Are you beginning to get a mental picture of the X-Altruist? Sort of like Robin Hood.

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Only more tempermental. The fact is, in order for the X-Altruist to be so incredibly in-tune with the needs of others and feel compelled to seek justice at every turn, they need that extreme emotional sensitivity. The "depressive" moods are necessary to feel empathy, and the "manic" moods drive the X-Altruist on their mandated mission.

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Granted, absolute uncontrollable expression of these emotions and moods would be disastrous. On the outside, they appear cool, collected, and purposeful in times of crisis. But on the inside, they are harnessing great energy. In a sense, they can be thought of as an optimally functional Bipolar Personality [3].

The traits that make them optimally functional: Ego Resilience and Flexible Detachment. Imagine a superhero charging into action. What is the one thing you would notice about his demeanor?