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Wednesday, 30 May Wiater ] The God [only as by Stanley S. Howard [only as by Stanley S. McCammon with Robert R. Grant with Charles L. Koontz with Dean R. Williamson with J. Lansdale with Joe R. Clark: July 5, with Alan M. Hartwell: November 3, with David G.

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    Summary Bibliography: Stanley Wiater

    Think of all the scary stories you've read about demonic possession. Authors: Christopher Golden , James A. This is a two and a half hour wicked hell read that makes you wish for a damn rainbow. Unbelievable logical comparisons to L. Frank Braum's story which nabbed me right along until I was hoping for that rainbow myself.

    On a scorching July afternoon she witnessed the blue skies being taken away. A storm was brewing on the horizon and heading for them. Bringing darkness. Golden and Moore brought a wicked read with chapters completely filled with vivid imagery for the reader. Instead of sucking Gayle up into the twister and landing her in Oz, the darkness brought Oz to Hawley, Kansas. The tale has the components of L. Frank Baum's version: The twister, the Scarecrow, the Tin-man, and of course the king of the jungle - the Cowardly Lion.

    And let's not forget the flying monkeys. But these emerald-eyed winged monkeys are not your ordinary flying monkeys, they are vampires.

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    James A. Moore The characters played an interesting role for me. Gayle and her parents with porcelain dolls moving around heaving chaos. And in the second chapter, prisoners were introduced from the local prison each playing a familiar part - one without brains, one without heart and one coward.


    Elisa, her husband Stefan and their baby Jeremiah traveling in the medicine wagon were described with utmost carnage. The scenes are not for the faint of heart folks. The characters were very well-written and I believe that's not saying enough. Each having their own individualized persona, the scenes for each character are palpably depicted.