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I shut the door. He was really hot! He tugged at his belt, and stared at me. His smooth tight chest, with toned abs and biceps, was incredibly appealing.

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He was extremely passionate, and within absolutely no time, we were both naked, and I was pounding him over the sink. Two days later, at school, he looked really hot in his uniform , with his collar undone, and his tie loose, as usual. He looked at me, and seemed to smoulder with arousement. When we met up, he was clutching his belt, and stared at me. On the way home, he kept talking about his belt being really tight, his collar being really tight, and how he wanted to lie down in his room and loosen it all. We went up to his room. He shut the door behind us.

He licked his lips, then slid off his jacket, and loosened his tie. I tore my top half off very quickly, and he lit up. I went at him, and was immediately tonguing him heavily. Very professional, but she also made it fantastic, too.

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When I do finally date a woman I'll be well prepared for it. No drugs, no beer. My first time with a prostitute wasn't stellar, but it was the seediest experience. Hard drugs were involved, let's leave it at that. She is too sweet and too kind to be a real prostitute Wtf with all the guys shaving off their pubes?? Very hot blonde hooker, she has nice fit body and round fake tits.

Very nice. That's what prostitutes are for. It should be normal for young guys to fuck with hookers. I was pretty young too when a family member took me to a brothel for my first sex with a red light girl. Trapped by an artificially strong currency, they cannot turn these deficits into surpluses, even if they do everything that outsiders ask them to do. Their exports, priced in euros, remain expensive.

The German government wants the Greeks to slash the size of their government, but that will also slow economic growth and reduce tax revenues. And so one of two things must happen. Either Germans must agree to a new system in which they would be fiscally integrated with other European countries as Indiana is integrated with Mississippi: the tax dollars of ordinary Germans would go into a common coffer and be used to pay for the lifestyle of ordinary Greeks. The first solution is pleasant for Greeks but painful for Germans. The second solution is pleasant for Germans but painful, even suicidal, for Greeks.

The only economically plausible scenario is that Germans, with a bit of help from a rapidly shrinking population of solvent European countries, suck it up, work harder, and pay for everyone else. But what is economically plausible appears to be politically unacceptable. The German people all know at least one fact about the euro: that before they agreed to trade in their deutsche marks their leaders promised them, explicitly, they would never be required to bail out other countries.

That rule was created with the founding of the European Central Bank E. Until now the European Central Bank, in Frankfurt, has been the main source of this cash. The E. But the E. But they have. If Greece defaults on its debt, the E. The senior official at the Bundesbank told me they already have thought about how to deal with the request. So we are covered to some extent. At the very least it would create panic and confusion in the market for both sovereign and bank debt, at a time when a lot of banks and at least two big European debt-ridden countries, Italy and Spain, cannot afford panic and confusion.

At the bottom of this unholy mess, from the point of view of the German Finance Ministry, is the unwillingness, or inability, of the Greeks to change their behavior. That was what the currency union always implied: entire peoples had to change their ways of life. Conceived as a tool for integrating Germany into Europe, and preventing Germans from dominating others, it has become the opposite.

For better or for worse, the Germans now own Europe. If the rest of Europe is to continue to enjoy the benefits of what is essentially a German currency, they need to become more German. He is a type familiar in Germany but absolutely freakish in Greece—or for that matter the United States: a keenly intelligent, highly ambitious civil servant who has no other desire but to serve his country.

Asmussen agrees and then addresses the German question more directly. The curious thing about the eruption of cheap and indiscriminate lending of money during the past decade was the different effects it had from country to country. Every developed country was subjected to more or less the same temptation, but no two countries responded in precisely the same way. Given the chance to take something for nothing, the German people alone simply ignored the offer.

There was no borrowing for consumption. Because this behavior is rather alien to Germans. Germans save whenever possible.

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs

This is deeply in German genes. Perhaps a leftover of the collective memory of the Great Depression and the hyperinflation of the s. In that moment of temptation, Germany became something like a mirror image of Iceland and Ireland and Greece and, for that matter, the United States. Other countries used foreign money to fuel various forms of insanity.

The Germans, through their bankers, used their own money to enable foreigners to behave insanely. This is what makes the German case so peculiar. If they had been merely the only big, developed nation with decent financial morals, they would present one sort of picture, of simple rectitude. But they had done something far more peculiar: during the boom German bankers had gone out of their way to get dirty. They lent money to American subprime borrowers, to Irish real-estate barons, to Icelandic banking tycoons to do things that no German would ever do. The only financial disaster in the last decade German bankers appear to have missed was investing with Bernie Madoff.

Perhaps the only advantage to the German financial system of having no Jews. In their own country, however, these seemingly crazed bankers behaved with restraint. The German people did not allow them to behave otherwise.

It was another case of clean on the outside, dirty on the inside. The German banks that wanted to get a little dirty needed to go abroad to do it. About this the deputy finance minister has not that much to say. He continues to wonder how a real-estate crisis in Florida could end with all these losses in Germany.

A German economist named Henrik Enderlein, who teaches at the Hertie School of Governance, in Berlin, has described the radical change that occurred in German banks beginning about The contrary turned out to be the case. German banks ended up being among the most severely affected in continental Europe and this despite relatively favorable economic conditions.

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They went [virtually overnight] from this to being American. What Germans did with money between and would never have been possible within Germany, as there was no one to take the other side of the many deals they did which made no sense. They lost massive sums, in everything they touched. Indeed, one view of the European debt crisis—the Greek street view—is that it is an elaborate attempt by the German government on behalf of its banks to get their money back without calling attention to what they are up to.

The German government gives money to the European Union rescue fund so that it can give money to the Irish government so that the Irish government can give money to Irish banks so the Irish banks can repay their loans to the German banks. The streets of Berlin can feel like an elaborate shrine to German guilt. Hardly anyone still alive is responsible for what happened: now everyone is. But when everyone is guilty, no one is. But there are no Jews in Germany, or not many. When they think of Jews they think of victims. Of course, no German in his right mind actually wants to sit around remembering the terrible crimes committed by his ancestors—and there are signs, including the memorials, that they are finding ways to move on.

A good friend of mine, a Jew whose family was driven out of Germany in the s, recently visited a German consulate to apply for a passport. He already held one European passport, but he worried that the European Union might one day fall apart, and he wanted access to Germany, just in case. My friend stared at the German flag. There are strict limits on building heights in Germany, but Frankfurt allows exceptions. The Commerzbank Tower is 53 stories high and unusually shaped: it looks like a giant throne.

The top of the building, the arms of the throne, looks more decorative than useful. The interesting thing, said a friend, who visited often, was a room at the top, peering down over Frankfurt.

Military Fun In Germany

Commerzbank executives had taken him up to the top to show him how, in full view of the world below, he could urinate on Deutsche Bank. And if he sat in the stall with the door open …. His office is attached to the side of the Brandenburg Gate. The Berlin Wall once ran, roughly speaking, right through the middle of it. Gorbachev, open this gate! Gorbachev, tear down this wall!