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Do these damages sound frivolous? They sound like the necessary compensation people need in order to be made whole again after an accident. The resources obtained through personal injury settlements and jury awards can mean the difference between moving on and financial ruin. These are just examples of the injury cases we successfully handle every year.

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Our Philadelphia law firm recovers millions of dollars annually for clients. I chose MyPhillyLawyer to represent me for the car accident I was in, and I am very happy with my decision.

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Dean Weitzman and his team have my best interest at hand, and Leslie and Simone are always there to answer any questions I may have and to help me understand the process. I highly recommend their firm! We were referred by a friend and we received excellent advice over our accident and were happy with the settlement and the turnaround time on it. Amy Mari, Supervising Litigation Paralegal, in particular kept us up to date with our case on a regular basis, which is one of the reasons we would return.

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The firm itself kept its word over a handshake regarding fees, which is admirable. I had a complicated case with the My Philly Lawyer Group.

I found it to be a very easy and effortless transaction. My Attorney was Frank who communicated and informed of things as soon as possible by both email and phone. Dean also stepped in frequently for assurance and adding his personal touch, even personally responding to my calls on his birthday from home!

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One thing I can say is that he did sway from his original fee agreement. In an effort to settle the case, Dean personally agreed to take a lesser amount.

I really appreciated that and will definitely contact this firm if needed in the future! They won my case and a sizeable award. It is Claims Management Companies that place the adverts or contact you on the phone trying to encourage you to make a claim. Personal Injury lawyers provide a valuable and necessary service for their clients. They ensure that innocent victims of accidents receive the appropriate medical treatment as swiftly as possible, that they are compensated for any financial losses, for example lost earnings and that they are correctly and fully compensated for the pain and suffering of their injuries.

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This must be a good thing and it seems strange to us that lawyers are criticised for doing this. Personal Injury lawyers also provide a wider benefit for society generally. They play a role in making the roads, workplaces, public places etc safer places and maintaining standards in healthcare.


We are clearly biased, but this is a fact. To make a claim for compensation following an accident or negligent healthcare ensures that the accident is investigated, the cause of the accident is confirmed and steps are taken to ensure a similar cannot happen again.

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This means that Health and Safety practices, standards and procedures are regularly examined, maintained and improved. This is, in part, due to the work of Personal Injury lawyers. It is, of course, a personal opinion whether Personal Injury lawyers do good work for their clients and whether or not it is right to make a claim for compensation after an accident.