The Sword of Bheleu (The Lords of Dus Book 3)

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Heyne Hooked on Books Professional seller. Catalogue: SF. Avon, - 1st. Cover by Carl Lundgren. From the collection of SF author Juanita Coulson. New York: Avon, Novel about a planet inhabited by humans who are descendents of survivors from a spaceship crash over a thousand years ago - a crash that gave the planet its' name. Dust jacket art by Ron Walotsky. Near fine in near fine dust jacket.

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  2. The Sword of Bheleu by Lawrence Watt-Evans (Paperback, 1987).
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NY: Ballantine Books, c Bookstore stamp inside front cover, else fine mass market paperback. Ballantine, - 1st. Cover by Darrell Sweet. Map by Chris Barbieri. Lords of Dus Series 1. Grafton, The overman named Garth sought immortal fame.


The oracle told him to serve the Forgotten King to get that fame. But this King sent Garth after a basilisk whose gaze could turn men to stone.

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  • Fantastic Literature Professional seller. London, Grafton. Westminster, Maryland, U. Text is free from markings. Top Notch Books Professional seller. D2 Ethshar Series 1. Ethshar Series 1. Del Rey, New York, First Edition, Paperback. Sweet, "An old wizard gave Valder a magic sword - but there was a slight mistake in the spell Quantity Available: 1. Pictures of this item not already displayed here available upon request.

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    Inventory No: SFC Bookbarrow Professional seller. Roc, This collection of twenty-four stories by such authors as Susan Shwartz, Mike Resnick, and Esther Friesner, provides visions of contemporary and futuristic New York. First Edition Cover by Peter Peebles. F1 Three Worlds Series 1. First Edition. ISBN: X. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket; Exlibrary with markings; Hapless suburban homeowner Pel Brown discovers a magic portal between worlds in his basement and finds himself recruited by a host of wizards, telepaths, and barbarian swordsmen to take part in an interdimensional war against the evil Shadow; Ex-Library; pages. So after months of training, and a magical ceremony to transfer the Swordsman's special magical abilities to Breaker, he becomes the new Swordsman.

    Watt–Evans, Lawrence 1954- (Nathan Archer, Lawrence Watt Evans)

    After which -- perhaps just a bit late! So Breaker decides to travel the world, or at least Barokan, and to try to meet his fellow Chosen, and to learn if the Wizard Lord really has gone mad. Of course he learns eventually that the lord has -- he has murdered an entire town. Several of his fellow Chosen agree that the Wizard Lord must be taken down, but others are surprisingly reluctant, for different reasons. It's clear something odd is going on and most readers will guess the outline of the problem fairly quickly but they push through to force a resolution.

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    The Wizard Lord is the first of a trilogy, but it comes to a definite close. However, questions have been raised about the very structure of Barokan society, particularly by Breaker. I am sure subsequent volumes will address those questions. The novel itself is ever readable, quite enjoyable, and just plain, well, sensible.

    The Lords of Dus, Book 3

    The magical system is fairly original and interesting. Not quite as much happens as in many fantasy novels, and the closing battle is really rather abruptly presented. But as I said, the novel is striking for the way each of the powerful magical characters is portrayed as basically ordinary even the Wizard Lord. There is a real sense that these are regular people, acting the way any of us would act had we grown up in this somewhat unusual world.

    And I have a feeling that there is considerable potential for more action and more intrigue in subsequent novels: that this book is very much a scene setter, an introduction. I enjoyed it, though I rank it as Watt-Evans at closer to the middle than the top of his range.