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Engaging the Local Community Inside the School Walls

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Little talents sucks within school walls

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Please email volunteer swwfs. Promoting a Community of Growth. School Without Walls at Francis Stevens.

School Without Walls (Canberra)

Where Education Matters. The traditional desks and chairs have disappeared, instead there are spaces where different age ranges gather to share their learning. The curriculum, Education Week pointed out, requires at least one extended period of so-called phenomenon-based teaching and learning PBL.

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During this, students study a traditional subject in a holistic manner. They must be involved in planning these periods and must be able to assess what they learned from it.

Proponents of PBL say it helps to equip students with the critical thinking skills they need to flourish today. Though the country has slipped in the international PISA education rankings in recent years, it is still far ahead of most of its European peers in maths, science and reading.


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Experiments with more flexible learning spaces and teaching styles are not new. UK academic Professor Stephen Heppell, who has campaigned for and advised governments on IT, education and school design for more than 20 years, argues that if education is to be fit for the 21st century it needs a different approach from the teaching of the past. Heppell was involved in the development of flexible science-learning spaces at Wesley College in Perth, Australia, and wrote a primer about how learning and teaching should be approached within them.

High on his list of priorities is listening to voices of learners, both about the spaces they use and what they learn.

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Education and Skills Is this Finnish school the perfect design? Finland is removing barriers between subjects, as well as classrooms.

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Adam Jezard , Formative Content. Predictions for What if we get things right?

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